Ecogreen Multipurpose Facial Cotton (Dark Blue x 7 pcs)
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  • 100% handmade with 99.99% cotton
  • 3 in 1 usage:
    • Cleansing Pad
    • Make Up Remover Pad
    • Make Up Compact Powder Puff


1. Do you know that we use up to at least 1,460 pieces of normal cotton pad in 365 days (4 pcs/day) which is actually bad for health?

Cotton is the most pesticide-doused crop on the planet. Pesticides used on cotton are super toxic and extremely long-lasting. So it’s likely that cotton pads have harmful pesticide residues on them, and they’re the kind of toxins that can get into our body through our skin. We can wash our T-shirts and jeans before use, but there’s nothing we could do about toxic cotton pad. Besides, lots of “cotton pad” are actually made of synthetic fibers.


2. Do you know that disaposable make up remover wipes is bad for health? 

Most disposable wipes contain plastic fibers which, over time, turn into microplastics that are harmful to marine life and the earth’s food chain.Disposable wipes require large amounts of preservatives like parabens and formaldehyde to prevent the growth of bacteria, viruses, mold, and fungus. These ingredients are toxic and carcinogenic to wildlife, and marine life, and humans.


3. Do you know that we should always replace our make up compact powder puff?

Depending on how often we're using our cosmetic powder puff, it should be replaced every month or shorter because bacteria builds up quickly and can cause breakouts and other skin irritations that we surely don’t want to contend with. Also, if we share our puff with others or switch types of powders, we should change our puff even more regularly.


Why do we need Ecogreen Multipurpose Facial Cotton?

  • Washable and reusable
  • biodegradable in both landfill and ocean
  • Lesser microfiber pollution
  • Lesser carbon footprint produced


What is microfiber?

Microfiber is plastic fiber that shed from textile after wash. Most common plastic fiber in textile is Polyvester, for wrinkle-free and lightweight effect to product. The bioaccumulation of microfiber in environment could put marine creatures, wildlife and consumer that consume affected marine creatures at risk as microfiber could enter and remain in both the bloodstream and tissues without knowing. It could cause health problem in the long run.

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7 x Ecogreen Multipurpose Facial Cotton (Dark Blue)

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我用drs coffee 灌肠已经超过5年了,当初我肝功能衰退导致排毒功能不好,时常淋巴发炎,吐血,流鼻血还有严重的便秘导致我全身肿 时常胃胀气胃痛,胃酸倒流体重高达74kg每天都受痛苦折磨。后来我在一间有机店的老板娘介绍我drs coffee灌肠用了2个星期看着我的皮肤开始慢慢变好,胃酸倒流也开始减轻了。不用再受便秘的痛苦,所以我坚持每天都灌肠

27 November 2020

Those soaps are so moisturising, not only that the fragrance is so natural, it's like it is specially made for me because i do not want soap come with any essential oil or artificial fragrance.

26 November 2020