Reusable Ecogreen Multipurpose Bag (Assorted Sizes) 3 pcs *100% handmade with un-dyed pure cotton
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  • 8 in 1 usage: 
    • Vegetable and Fruit Grocery Bag (recommended for 1 pax veg. which can last up to 10 days max) *depending on amount consumption of veg. and frequency of meal per day
    • Fridge / Lunch Box / Bento Bag
    • Lingerie / Laundry / Shoes / Handbag Protector Bag
    • Book / Stationery / Shopping / Gift Bag






















For original PDF file of Vegetable Shopping Organiser, please click here

*Recommended for 1 pax portion of veg. which can last up to 10 days max, depending on amount consumption of veg. and frequency of meal per day


For downloading original file Size vs Usage Chart, please click here



Wrap in damp towel:

Carrot, Cucumber, Parsnip, Zucchini - Wrap in a damp towel and place in crisper

Greens - Keep in an air-tight container after cover with damp towel

Green Beans, Rhubarb - Keep in an open container after wrap with damp towel

Leek - Wrap in a damp towel and place in the crisper


Keep in Closed Container:

Cauliflower - Last longer in a closed container in the fridge

Herbs - Keep fresh in a closed container in the fridge for a week and freeze any excess in olive oil and an ice cube tray

Rutabagas - Store in a cool, dark place or a closed container in the crisper

Basil - Basil does not like the cold or to be wet. The best method is to keep in closed container loosely packed with a small damp piece of paper inside and store in a cool place

Pepper - Green pepper stays fresh longer than red or orange pepper. To keep fresh for a couple weeks, store in a closed container then keep in the crisper

Spring Onion - Remove ties, keep in closed container and place in the crisper

Tomato - Keep fresh in closed container and place in crisper


Keep in opened container:

Broccoli, Spinach - Place in an open container and keep in the crisper

Beet - Cut off the tops, wash and keep in an opened container with a damp towel

Corn - Un-husked corn keeps best in an opened container

Radish - Remove the greens and keep in an opened container


Keep in the glass of shallow water:

Celery, Asparagus - Store in fridge


Keep in cool and dark place:

Garlic, Onion, Potato, Sweet Potato



Cabbage - Might begin to lose its moisture after a week so best used as soon as possible. Peel off outer leaves if they start to wilt. 

Mushroom - Keep mushroom in the fridge in its original wrapping until ready to use

Arugula - Wash in cold water and spin until completely dry. Arugula hates water.

Eggplant - Do not wash before store in closed container. Eggplant hates water.

Download Vegetable Shopping Organiser Ecogreen Multipurpose Bag (Assorted Set) from here

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What's in the box

1 x Ecogreen Multipurpose Bag (Large size 12" x 15")

1 x Ecogreen Multipurpose Bag (Medium size 10" x 12")

1 x Ecogreen Multipurpose Bag (Small size 8" x 10")

1 x Vegetable Shopping Organiser 

1 x Sizes Vs Usage Chart 

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我用drs coffee 灌肠已经超过5年了,当初我肝功能衰退导致排毒功能不好,时常淋巴发炎,吐血,流鼻血还有严重的便秘导致我全身肿 时常胃胀气胃痛,胃酸倒流体重高达74kg每天都受痛苦折磨。后来我在一间有机店的老板娘介绍我drs coffee灌肠用了2个星期看着我的皮肤开始慢慢变好,胃酸倒流也开始减轻了。不用再受便秘的痛苦,所以我坚持每天都灌肠

27 November 2020

Those soaps are so moisturising, not only that the fragrance is so natural, it's like it is specially made for me because i do not want soap come with any essential oil or artificial fragrance.

26 November 2020